Sunday, 20 March 2016

Cenk Uygur (SLE): Personality Type Analysis

Cenk Kadir Uygur is the co-founder and lead host of the Youtube political commentary show 'The Young Turks', versions of which also appeared on TV channels at some point.

Uygur's shows alternate between fairly straightforward and factual discussions of current events (especially in the case of war or terrorism incidents) to highly opinionated analyses of the US political scene, to occasional comments on less-serious news (such as viral videos) to the "Final Judgment", where he lays down his (supposedly irrevocable) conclusions on a given subject.

Uygur shares the program with co-hosts who clearly share his core political, social and religious (i.e. atheist) views, debate or "dissent" mostly occurring around secondary points, and the shared assumptions serve as basis for jokes and indignation in an atmosphere of collective emotionality, in which he actively participates. That puts Uygur, who obviously sets the tone, squarely in a Merry quadra, that is, Alpha or Beta, with E and L as quadra values, probably with E stronger than E5.

Cenk himself is very comfortable digressing at length on when and how force and aggression should or not be used, both at individual and national level. That, and his obvious personal dominance of the others, strongly point to F as quadra value, i.e. to the Beta quadra, and as something that he feels very confident in, likely F1. Yet, Cenk's inclination to return to straightforward factual analyses (especially on his own) suggest P as comfortable for a Beta, as in P8.

Cenk Uygur's quadra values and visible functional ordering all point to SLE as his type.

Sources: this analysis was based exclusively on direct observations of his show, "The  Young Turks".

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