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Quadra Values: Clarity/Integrity-Seeking & World-Accepting/Rejecting

Alphas are Clarity-Seeking and World-Accepting.
Betas are Clarity-Seeking and World-Rejecting.
Gammas are Integrity-Seeking and World-Rejecting.
Deltas are Integrity-Seeking and World-Accepting.

What does it mean to be Clarity-Seeking?

Clarity-Seekers value Emotions (E) and Laws (L).

The valuing of E makes these types appreciative of the mood or emotional atmosphere of the people surrounding them. Emphasis is placed on the sharing and showing of emotion and how those emotions affect the mood of others, with priorities given to emotions that raise and uplift how people are feeling or unite them and bring them together. It is important for emotions to be expressed clearly and openly, even exaggeratedly so that people easily 'get the message'. These types tend to associate subjective value based on how groups of people react to what is being expressed.

The valuing of L makes these types appreciative of clear rules, principles and ideologies by which one lives one's life. Having a clear framework is important to them as it delineates correct and incorrect actions and structures one's understanding fairly, consistently and impartially. Furthermore it demands a consistency of the individual in not changing their tune to suit the situation. Such types are quick to call out double standards and hypocrisy, demanding consistency in the actions of others. They tend to see truth as a more of a coherent or perfect whole, free from internal contradictions, rather than necessarily something that accurately reflects how things work in reality.

Valuing E and L together creates a collectivism in Merry types. While E serves to bring people together under a common, uplifting mood, L creates a consistent framework that all people in this collective can share and sets criteria for group belonging. These types tend to identify themselves by their feeling of belonging to these groups and subscription to the ideologies these groups follow, although how inclusive or specially exclusive this group can be varies between Alphas and Betas.

What does it mean to be Integrity-Seeking?

Integrity-Seekers value Procedures (P) and Relationships (R).

The valuing of P makes these types appreciative of the working productivity of the events surrounding them. Emphasis is placed on how things are being done and whether they can be improved to function more effectively. These types usually attempt to inform and educate themselves and others, delivering the facts without spin or affectation to make sure people are best equipped to perform tasks to the high standards. Regularly they will focus on the efficacy of why they are doing things, avoiding wastes of time and effort. These types tend to see truth as a 'work in progress', being based on whatever they can see to work in real life, but continuously needing to be updated.

The valuing of R makes these types appreciative of the quality and stability of their personal relations with others, trying to judge and assess the inner qualities of a person to see if they are good to be friends with. Such people will attempt to maintain a certain distance between themselves and the other until then. Once deciding on the friendship, these types will prioritize their loyalties to that person, defending them over others when they are in need and emphasizing integrity in these relationships. These types tend to assign subjective value to their personal attitudes of like and dislike, as well as the opinions of those individuals they trust.

Valuing P and R together creates an individualism in Integrity-Seekers. While R selects the good friends from mere acquaintances, P allows a mix of different points of view and provisions of information that, although inconsistent, can be helpful to the person. As such, instead of groups, Integrity-Seekers manifest webs of trusted contacts who are valued for the helpful information they contribute, associating with friends and relations in the manner that best suits their needs.

What does it mean to be World-Accepting?

World-Accepters value Ideas (I) and Senses (S)

The valuing of I makes these types appreciative of the unusual and interesting. These types try to broaden their horizons, trying a variety of different experiences and speculating about different possible scenarios. To them, the blatantly obvious is too straightforward to be interesting. Instead, there are always alternatives, other possibilities that should be explored or tried out to see if they have something new to offer. As such, these types like to view the world with wonder and fascination, looking to see where their curiosity will next take them.

The valuing of S makes these types appreciative of comfort, utility and overall quality of experience. These types want life to run smoothly and enjoyably, placing emphasis on the harmony of the here and now. Decisions are made in regards to what is pleasurable or painless in the moment and lifestyles are usually centered around deriving quality of life and satisfaction from the things one currently has, rather than striving or fighting to get more things. When changes are made, they are to improve the quality of one's current existence, often by removing disruption.

Valuing I and S together creates a contentedness in World-Accepters with their present situation. While I explores the many possibilities the world has to offer, S brings them together into our enjoyment of the present and the quality of life we are living now. As such, the actions of these types are centered around one's lifestyle and the appreciation of that lifestyle in a way that is both enriching and sustaining.

What does it mean to be World-Rejecting?

World-Rejecters value Force (F) and Time (T).

The valuing of F makes these types appreciative of what is straightforward and blunt. Rather than speculate, these types prefer to tackle issues head on, going straight at it and prevailing through the exercise of their will. Such an approach is accompanied by a desire to establish dominance of the situation, forcing the environment to bend, rather than operate unpredictably. Frequently, these types emphasize the audacity and resilience needed to confront reality and make it as you want it. Instead of harmony with their surroundings, these types seek to have the largest impact on their environment.

The valuing of T makes these types appreciative of some higher purpose or meaning to life that outlasts quality of life in the present. As such, these types detach from the mundane to think deeply about where life is heading or building up to, tracking their probable life path and trying to avoid distractions that can cause them to deviate from this path. An emphasis is placed on that which is transcendent, meaningful and profound in the long term, with these types cutting out daily luxuries and sacrificing alternative possibilities in favour of what will lead to the expected outcome. Instead of taking the view that many things could happen, these types are motivated by a sense of certainty, i.e. that certain things are inevitable and will happen no matter what.

Valuing F and T together creates a dissatisfaction in World-Rejecters with their present situation. While F demands the action to confront reality and make it suit one's ambitions, T provides a sense of purpose or preferred outcome to these confrontations. As such, these types pursue long-reaching outcomes and can reject the softer luxuries and distractions of mundane living. Instead they advocate tough dedication in seeing things to the end.

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